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John Dewan is a noted sabermetrician as current owner of Baseball Info Solutions, former owner of STATS, Inc., and author of The Fielding Bible and The Fielding Bible -- Volume II.

Project Scoresheet and Stats, Inc[edit]

Dewan, an insurance actuary by trade, became the Executive Director of Project Scoresheet in its second season. He soon invested in STATS, Inc. and served as President and CEO until selling the company to News Corporation in December 1999.

Baseball Info Solutions and The Fielding Bible[edit]

In 2002 Dewan teamed with former STATS colleague Steve Moyer to launch Baseball Info Solutions (BIS). The same year, he became co-owner of Chicago-based ACTA Publications and launched a new line of sports books under the ACTA Sports name. Around this time, Dewan developed the Plus/Minus system, which uses detailed BIS hit locations, types, and velocities to determine how many plays above/below average a given fielder made.

In Spring 2006 he released The Fielding Bible, including a variety of defensive ratings and making Plus/Minus data publicly available for the first time.

The Fielding Bible -- Volume II was released in February 2009, introducing Defensive Runs Saved, the all-inclusive measurement accounting for eight different components of defensive performance.