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Fielding Runs is the counterpart to Batting Runs, part of Pete Palmer's Linear Weights System, and a component of Total Player Rating.

Unlike Batting Runs, the weights in Fielding Runs do not seem to correspond well to the actual run values of the events measured. And, being based on traditional defensive metrics (putouts, assists, errors and double plays) you have to estimate the amount of opportunities from playing time, which can lead to inaccuracies.

To calculate Fielding Runs for shortstops (other positions use different weightings), first you must calculate the league average:

.20*(PO+2A-E+DP)/(PO - K)

Then, for the individual player:

.20*(PO+2A-E+DP) - ((team PO - team K) * AVG(POS,LG) * %PT)