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PITCHf/x is a pitch tracking system developed by Sportvision. It was introduced in Major League Baseball during the 2006 playoffs. It uses two cameras mounted high behind home plate and behind first base to record the position of the baseball during its flight from the pitcher’s mound to home plate. A third camera located in center field is used to track each batter's strike zone [1]. The cameras record the position of each pitch 60 times per second, and software is used to calculate various parameters describing the trajectory of each pitch. The PITCHf/x data is used in MLB's Enhanced Gameday application to show the path, location, speed, and break of each pitch. It is also available for use by TV broadcasts. In addition, MLB has made the data freely available for downloading and research [2].

Detailed PITCHf/x data was captured for a little over a third of major league pitches during the 2007 season as new stadiums came online with the system throughout the year.

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