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OPS, short for On Base Plus Slugging, is an offensive metric developed by Pete Palmer in the mid-1970s. Originally called "Production", OPS has become a popular statistic because of its ease of calculation and relative accuracy, and has gained traction outside of the sabermetric community.

OPS is calculated simply as the sum of On-Base Percentage (OBP) and Slugging Average. Expressed as a full equation:

OPS = (H + W + HB)/(AB + W + HB + SF) + TB/AB

OPS is closely related to OPS+, but OPS+ is not a simple ratio of OPS to League OPS as many other "adjusted" statistics are. OPS+ is the sum of relative OBP and relative SLG, minus one.

Criticisms of OPS[edit]

The weight of OBP and SLG is set at 1:1. In fact, a best-fit of OBP and SLG to team run scoring, and a best-fit of OBP and SLG to Linear Weights implies weighting of around 1.8 for OBP and 1.0 for SLG. Gross Production Average uses these more correct weights at its core, and is therefore a more relevant metric than OPS.