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Keith Woolner is a former Baseball Prospectus author now working in the Cleveland Indians front office. A co-author of various Baseball Prospectus publications from 1998-2007, Woolner is most noted for developing Value Over Replacement Player (VORP).


Value Over Replacement Player for hitters is calculated using Marginal Lineup Value, which compares hitters to a fixed replacement level. For pitchers, VORP compares a pitchers Run Average (RA) to that of a replacement level starter or reliever.

Other Topics[edit]

Woolner has also research a variety of baseball topics, including peak age[1] and pitcher workload[2]. In 2004, Woolner listed 23 "Hilbert Problems" [3], which has since helped to guide sabermetric research efforts.

On May 4, 2007, Woolner announced that he was leaving BP and had accepted a position as the Manager of Baseball Research & Analytics for the Cleveland Indians.

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