THE BOOK – Playing The Percentages In Baseball

By Tango, Lichtman, Dolphin


2005 The Scouting Report, By the Fans, For the Fans


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Player Overall
Instincts FirstStep Speed Hands Release Strength Accuracy Ballots Agreement
A Jones8495887386867776290.78
Most Similar Fielders (Sim Score in parenthesis)
(87) C Izturis8388877184877386410.82
(86) A Everett8288867683897371250.78
(80) Y Betancourt8687897890918185300.83
(80) J Wilson8086866484817381140.82
(78) M Kotsay8795907388907692310.82
(76) L Castillo889987839486688740.81
(75) J Edmonds8085776488827890260.79
(73) O Hudson8894948389926587690.84
(72) E Chavez7887786190866869340.75
(70) M Treanor808574837986688720.54
(69) J Francoeur8178837670889184200.78
(69) K Greene7587785877826964140.81
(69) T Hunter8883968592868189260.83
(68) V Wells7781787684746674690.79
(67) D Lee7886757291816073290.8
(67) M Cameron7981898180746373600.73
(67) A Kennedy7992786787855578270.84
(64) A Rowand7785876979697061280.79
(62) C Counsell7583786678815678320.79
(61) D Erstad7690806784745371330.74

Final: Mar 24, 2006

The sim score is from 0 to 100, with 100 being a dead-on match. A sim score of 80 or above is marked in green; a sim score of 70 or above is marked in blue. Each player has at most 20 similar players listed (as long as the sim score is at least 50).

The league average for each of the seven traits of fielding is fixed at 50, with one standard deviation equal to 20 points. This means that a player with a trait value of 70 is in the top 16% in the league.

The higher the agreement level, the more that the fans agreed with each other in the balloting. The league average is .71. The league low is around .40.