The Scouting Report, By the Fans, For the Fans

Part 1 - The Best and Worst Fielders in Baseball (2002 - 2003)

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If you are new to this project, you should read about it first.

The Preliminary Results

Thank you to all those who participated! I've received almost 500 ballots (and am still accepting them until Opening Day). I thought it would be a little fun to look at some early returns. For this particular article, it will simply be various lists of the best and the worst, as you fans see them.


To qualify for these lists, a player had to have at least 5 ballots for a category. 406 of the 499 players on the ballots qualified. The players who received the most number of ballots were Jeter, Bernie Williams, and Soriano, at 58 each. I rejected 1.2% of the ballots (6 in all) for nonsensical selections. In one case, a fan marked all traits for all players as "1", meaning "poor".

The Best and Worst Fielders in Baseball

Best Instincts
Chavez, Eric
Jones, Andruw
Rolen, Scott
Reese, Pokey
Mientkiewicz, Doug
Cameron, Mike
Castro, Juan
Koskie, Corey
Beltran, Carlos
Erstad, Darin
Snow, J.T.
Shinjo, Tsuyoshi
Cirillo, Jeff
Suzuki, Ichiro
Hunter, Torii
Vizquel, Omar
Polanco, Placido
Edmonds, Jim
Ellis, Mark
Sanchez, Rey
Grieve, Ben
Long, Terrence
Sierra, Ruben
Young, Dmitri
Knoblauch, Chuck
Perez, Neifi
Sanchez, Alex
Cedeno, Roger
Fick, Robert
Giambi, Jeremy
Worst Instincts

Best First Step ---------------------- Crawford, Carl Cameron, Mike Jones, Andruw Beltran, Carlos Erstad, Darin Suzuki, Ichiro Hunter, Torii Chavez, Eric Izturis, Cesar Roberts, Dave Kotsay, Mark Damon, Johnny Ordonez, Rey Shinjo, Tsuyoshi Wells, Vernon Bergeron, Peter Reese, Pokey Furcal, Rafael Rodriguez, Alex Berroa, Angel ... LeCroy, Matt Minor, Damon Bell, Jay Zeile, Todd Simon, Randall Harris, Lenny Giambi, Jeremy Vaughn, Mo Molina, Jose Buchanan, Brian ---------------------- Worst First Step
Best Speed ---------------------- Suzuki, Ichiro Roberts, Dave Furcal, Rafael Crawford, Carl Cameron, Mike Baldelli, Rocco Byrnes, Eric Rollins, Jimmy Reyes, Jose Figgins, Chone Pierre, Juan Damon, Johnny Erstad, Darin Beltran, Carlos Patterson, Corey Goodwin, Tom Harris, Willie Bergeron, Peter Robinson, Kerry Marrero, Eli ... Simon, Randall Karros, Eric Myers, Greg Alomar Jr., Sandy Konerko, Paul Kreuter, Chad Redmond, Mike Minor, Damon Vaughn, Mo Molina, Jose ---------------------- Worst Speed
Best Hands ---------------------- Mientkiewicz, Doug Izturis, Cesar Chavez, Eric Vizquel, Omar Sanchez, Rey Lee, Derrek Rolen, Scott Snow, J.T. Olerud, John Castro, Juan Erstad, Darin McDonald, John Matheny, Mike Hunter, Torii Rodriguez, Alex Reese, Pokey Ordonez, Rey Benjamin, Mike Beltran, Carlos Everett, Adam ... Norton, Greg Hafner, Travis Saenz, Olmedo Ward, Daryle Grieve, Ben Perez, Neifi Cedeno, Roger Sierra, Ruben Fick, Robert Giambi, Jeremy ---------------------- Worst Hands
Best Release ---------------------- Bordick, Mike Castro, Juan Rodriguez, Alex Vizquel, Omar Beltran, Carlos Rolen, Scott Suzuki, Ichiro Gonzalez, Alex Izturis, Cesar Chavez, Eric Snow, J.T. Matheny, Mike Fryman, Travis Molina, Ben Hidalgo, Richard Ordonez, Rey Cash, Kevin Sanchez, Rey Helton, Todd Kotsay, Mark ... Giambi, Jeremy Simon, Randall Vaughn, Mo Perez, Neifi Hinske, Eric Cedeno, Roger Sierra, Ruben Branyan, Russ Knoblauch, Chuck Fick, Robert ---------------------- Worst Release
Best Throwing Stength ---------------------- Guerrero, Vladimir Furcal, Rafael Rodriguez, Alex Hidalgo, Richard Mondesi, Raul Rolen, Scott Beltre, Adrian Garciaparra, Nomar Higginson, Bobby Williams, Matt Olivo, Miguel Suzuki, Ichiro Walker, Larry Rodriguez, Ivan Tejada, Miguel Glaus, Troy Guillen, Jose Reyes, Jose Burrell, Pat Molina, Ben ... Roberts, Dave Giambi, Jeremy Bagwell, Jeff Eckstein, David Goodwin, Tom Damon, Johnny Pierre, Juan Williams, Bernie Stewart, Shannon Gonzalez, Luis ---------------------- Worst Throwing Strength
Best Throwing Accuracy ---------------------- Bordick, Mike Molina, Ben Rodriguez, Alex Rolen, Scott Rodriguez, Ivan Edmonds, Jim Walker, Larry Helton, Todd Young, Mike LaRue, Jason Matheny, Mike Jenkins, Geoff McDonald, John Beltran, Carlos Williams, Matt Suzuki, Ichiro Izturis, Cesar Randa, Joe Bautista, Danny Castilla, Vinny ... Simon, Randall Vaughn, Mo Ramirez, Aramis Giambi, Jeremy Norton, Greg Knoblauch, Chuck Lugo, Julio Piazza, Mike Perez, Neifi Sierra, Ruben ---------------------- Worst Throwing Accuracy
Best Overall Fielders ---------------------- Suzuki, Ichiro Beltran, Carlos Rodriguez, Alex Izturis, Cesar Chavez, Eric Rolen, Scott Jones, Andruw Cameron, Mike Young, Mike Ordonez, Rey Kotsay, Mark Hunter, Torii Shinjo, Tsuyoshi Castro, Juan Vizquel, Omar Cruz Jr., Jose Wells, Vernon Ellis, Mark Koskie, Corey Sanchez, Rey Erstad, Darin Gonzalez, Alex Berroa, Angel Edmonds, Jim Rollins, Jimmy Reese, Pokey Everett, Adam Mientkiewicz, Doug Cabrera, Orlando Polanco, Placido ... Durazo, Erubiel Grieve, Ben Saenz, Olmedo McGriff, Fred Norton, Greg Cedeno, Roger Hundley, Todd Ward, Daryle Simon, Randall Knoblauch, Chuck Fick, Robert Vaughn, Mo Perez, Neifi Sierra, Ruben Giambi, Jeremy ---------------------- Worst Overall Fielders